The battery never dies, but is killed indirectly due to improper maintenance thereof.

Battery overhaul means rejuvenating and revitalizing the battery the result of which is to save financial capital for consumers.

Adib Technology Development Knowledge Based Company has changed the battery overhaul technology with regard to support of its experts’ knowledge and applying its unique modern technology to a new reality and solution in reusing varieties of the so-called defective batteries in order to increase the lifetime to several times of its defined life. 

In justifying this process, the statement “the battery is a living thing” is by no means far from the truth, and in this regard, observance of the special care of the battery is not unexpected.

Obviously, whenever there is a delay in this care for any reason, it does not mean that the battery life is over, but in other words, this living thing is sick and needs to be treated to achieve the health of this living thing (battery).

This stage is the beginning of the use of battery overhaul technology and with the help of this modern and, of course, technical method, the battery returns to its cycle of service.

The important matter is that you can save your capital and take full benefit of the potential existing in your batteries.


Adib Technology Development Knowledge Based Company is an exclusive licensee of lead-acid rechargeable batteries of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type, with various voltages and amperes, which is ready to provide the following services: 

  • Overhauling of all Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries to be used in UPS devices and equipment related to solar power generation.
  • Maintenance of working batteries and increase of their service life many times over. 

We intend to provide the fast and easy access for everyone by expanding and developing this unique, valuable and exceptional technology in all distant parts of our beloved country, Iran, and we are also making effort to export this technology to other countries in order to protect the environment and to apply clean energy. Because we believe that the environment knows no boundaries, the planet belongs to all of us and its preservation is obligatory for all of us.

Achievements and Importance of Applying this Technology may include:

  • – Large economic saving
  • – Increase in the delivery speed of overhauled batteries compared to its production
  • – Employment and entrepreneurship and technology export
  • – Localization of battery overhaul technology
  • – Prevention from the outflow of currency and reduction of foreign dependency 
  • – Reducing warehousing costs and costs resulting from holding purchase tenders
  • – Observance of local and global environmental protection by-laws and guidelines