Adib Technology Development (AdibCorp) is a knowledge based leading company in electronics & information technology that provides:

  • Wide range of UPS
  • Battery Resuscitation Services (Electrochemical method)
  • Stabilizer
  • Inverter
  • LED lighting product

The vision of this company is to promote the latest technology and knowledge of the world in the field of electronic and lighting products until 2024 throughout the country of Iran so that Iranians can always benefit from the best quality and the most appropriate price of products for their electronic and lighting needs.

The mission of Adib Technology Development Company is to expand the scope of activity in the field of reviving sealed acid batteries – telecommunications and forklifts, providing advice and supplying electronic goods (UPS, batteries, stabilizers) and lighting to organizations, public and private companies, as well as factories and trades all over Iran.

The Oman branch of this company started working in 2022 to develop cooperation in the region.