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Factors such as the duration of a common power cut, capacity of the lift motor, type of elevator, whether it would be used in a residential or commercial area, etc. are taken into consideration while manufacturing an elevator UPS.

What is an UPS?

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is used as an alternative to provide emergency power to a load when the main input power source fails. It is an electrical apparatus that also helps to address most of the common power problems in both residential as well as commercial areas. It also has the ability to store energy in batteries and use it in times of emergencies.

What is an elevator UPS?

An elevator or lift UPS falls under the category of offline UPS and consists of three main parts which are a charger, batteries and an inverter. A lift UPS takes three-phase supply and powers the elevator while charging the batteries at the same time. This electronic device can be better described as an effective power backup solution for elevators. An elevator UPS is manufactured by taking several important factors into consideration such as the duration of a common power cut, capacity of the lift motor, type of elevator, whether it would be used in a residential or commercial area, etc. 

How does an elevator UPS work?

In the case of a power cut, when the main source fails to supply, the battery mode is automatically turned on so that a three-way output can be generated, which in turn helps to feed the connected loads. The most convenient part is that when the main power supply gets restored, the UPS automatically transfers the elevator to the primary source and once again starts charging the batteries. The transition phase between the failure of main and switching to the backup lasts around 15 to 20 seconds only.

Features of an elevator UPS

  • An elevator UPS is fully automatic and needs no manual intervention.
  • Elevator UPSs are purposefully made to be compact in size so that they can be installed anywhere — be it under the staircase or in the lift machine room.
  • Most importantly, an elevator UPS is quite safe to use because it utilizes electricity instead of fuels which are inflammable in nature. It is structurally quite stable as well.
  • Elevator UPSs are mostly eco-friendly because they do not cause any sound, noise or air pollution.
  • With a high-capacity power generation system, these are reliable to use in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Applications of an elevator UPS

  • They are complete power generation systems which are capable of running elevators/lifts in all types of establishments, whether commercial, industrial or residential, in a cost-effective manner.
  • They are ideal devices to mitigate inefficiencies due to power shortage and mainline failures.
  • Elevator UPSs are available in different sizes and the commonly used ones can provide battery backup anywhere between 2-3 hours and up to 8 hours.
  • These systems can provide backup power to elevators and lifts without any lag
  • Elevator UPSs also offer full digital control, wherein both the inverter and the charger are operated by a single unit.

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